Videos and Resources for all

Please find below a variety of videos and other useful information. Some are by me, I apologise now, I'm no Joe Wicks, but hope you find them interesting. If you'd like to pass on any feedback then please use the contact page or drop me a text.

I was planning on making a video showing an effective post running stretch routine. However I'm not very pleasing to look at and these guys at the 'Running Channel' do a far better job!! Try it if you don't currently have a particular stretch session, you'll feel the difference.

If there was ever a must read for runners then 'Born To Run' by Christopher McDougall is it. A fascinating read whether you're a barefoot runner convert or not. This video is Chris talking at a TED conference and gives a great insight into his philosophy. Very inspiring!

Professor Daniel Lieberman is a highly repected evolutionary biologist whose ground breaking study into why humans are born to run has revolutionised running technique and why it can go wrong and be the cause of so many running related injurys. Here are a few of his thoughts.

Wow this girl is incredible!! Nice short documentary into what makes a great endurance athlete!!

Lee Saxby is a fantastic coach who epitomises running with the correct technique. This is the method we use to train runners to run with an effective body shape to help to minimise injury and to run more efficiently. Here is a great little video highlighting the benefits of training yourself to run more efficiently with good posture and form. This is not teaching you to run 'barefoot' but with the good technique in your own running shoes.

If you'd like me to teach you how to run with good form then please contact me. 

The BBC presented a great documentary of the anatomy of the foot. During the program there was a section on a study into how running affects the body and how incorrect technique can cause injury. Our philosophy is to train runners to move away from heel striking and over-striding.